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Enjoy Your Confidence Of A New Smile With Dental Crowns

  • We will restore your tooth (or teeth) within weeks with crowns that give you a better-looking smile
  • You can stop feeling anxious about broken teeth, teeth that are weakened by decay or very large fillings
  • You can feel secure you are getting premium treatment from our highly-skilled dentists
  • You can feel secure you are getting premium treatment from our highly-skilled dentists
  • We will make you feel pampered and relaxed in a calm environment (and we help anxious patients to combat their fear)
Custom dental crowns are a great way to restore the comfort, function, and beauty of your smile. You may need a dental crown if you have a tooth with deep decay, a root canal, or a broken tooth. Dental crowns can also help to rebuild a worn bite caused by bruxism (teeth grinding) or trauma.
A dental crown fits directly over the top of your tooth like a protective cap and absorbs some of the force from chewing. Porcelain crowns maintain the structural function of your tooth and provide you with relief from sensitivity and pain.
Dr. Ferrari creates custom crowns for our patients using the latest technology. After we take impressions, we will create a custom dental crown to fit your smile perfectly. We design each crown to match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth so that your smile is seamless and attractive.
We use this technology to replace missing teeth with dental bridges, as well. Dental bridges replace the gaps in your smile with high-quality porcelain restorations, so that you can chew and speak normally.

If you feel anxious about problems like broken teeth, very large fillings or teeth that are weakened by decay then come and see us.

Dental Crowns FAQ

Can I spread out my treatment over time?

At Ferrari Dental, we share facts about your dental conditions and treatment options so that you can make an informed decision that supports your health. Ultimately, your treatment is your decision to make and that includes how quickly or slowly you proceed with treatment. We can help you prioritize your dental care in a way that best meets your needs and protects your teeth.

Do you offer a warranty?

We stand by the quality of our work and are willing to re-do restorations to meet your satisfaction. The health and longevity of your dental restorations is increased by maintaining excellent oral hygiene at home and by keeping your professional cleaning appointments in our office. If you have questions about how to help your dentistry last longer and look its best, let us know!

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