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Improve your Smile


Mini implants support most types of replacement teeth
  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Fixed crowns


The Wand is the market leader in injection technology - the first of it’s kind and the best in it’s class.

Mini Dental Implants

Imagine receiving our latest dental implant technology with our specialised low-pain treatment. Within hours, you could be eating comfortably, talking and laughing with a new-found confidence, all for a price you can afford!
Mini dental implants (MDIs) have changed the face of implant placement. Unlike full implant placement where multiple dental visits are required, MDIs eliminate the need for surgery. The development of long term MDIs now allows the dentist to place anchors in the jaw during one non-invasive treatment. The most common use for MDIs is the stabilization of dentures and over dentures. MDIs firmly anchor the dental prosthesis, which means there is no longer any need to suffer with ill-fitting, loose dentures, crowns and bridges.

Pain Free Mini Implant Treatment

We are proud to have state of the art digital platform for local anesthesia - The Wand Computer Assisted Anesthesia System builds confidence with our patients and benefits:-

  • More comfort and less anxiety
  • Significantly more comfortable than the syringe
  • Greatly reduces anxiety
  • Can eliminate collateral numbness
  • More confident that their dentist office has the latest technology

The advantages of using the unique Mini or Midi Implant technology include:

  • 1. No surgery of the gum*
  • 2. No drilling of the bone*
  • 3. No stitches*
  • 4. No waiting*
  • 5. Fewer visits*

*In most cases there is a momentary perforation of the gum and outer surface of the bone.
Typically the implants can be restored on the same day with a temporary restoration.

The NEW Midi Implant is a stronger implant with a greater surface area than Mini Implants, along with a more substantial post to support fixed crowns, bridges and dentures.. With a built in ‘shoulder’, they allow better oral hygiene and are suitable for both thinner and wider bone – varying in size from 2.3 – 4.3mm. Stable from day one, they do not require a surgical flap, they can be restored immediately, allowing a permanent crown to be fitted two weeks later. They are also available at a lower cost.


The placement of the implant is accomplished quickly and easily in a one-step procedure performed at our practice. Under local anaesthesia, or light sedation, employing precise and minimally invasive techniques, the implants are positioned to the jaw bone.

The head of the implants protrude from the gum and provide a solid foundation for securing crowns, dentures, or a brace.


The whole mini dental implant placement procedure takes approximately one hour. Generally, in the case of lower jaw implants, four MDIs with be placed about 5mm apart. Prior to inserting MDIs, the dentist will use many diagnostic and planning tools to find the optimal place to implant them.

The new Mini and Midi Implants are the perfect system to provide greater denture stability for those refused regular implants due to a lack of bone, or who simply cannot afford the cost of conventional implants. Once the implants are secured a tailor made crown (the tooth itself) is secured to the implant. It is not necessary for each missing tooth to require an implant and if you have 3+ teeth missing next to each other you could opt for a bridge or partial denture supported by only 2 implants (depending on the individual circumstances). This can be removed and cleaned, and would reduce the volume of surgery that could be required.

In almost all cases, no stitching is required and no real discomfort is felt after the procedure. After the denture placement procedure is complete, light eating can be resumed. The denture can be removed and cleaned. MDIs will enhance the natural beauty of your smile and restore functionality to the teeth.


The mini implants compare favourably to the conventional implants in many ways. However there are instances when it may be more appropriate to use conventional implants or a combination of both.

If you have any questions or concerns about mini dental implants, please CALL (973) 263-2967)


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